CNN Hides In Bushes to Stalk Trump Golfing, but ‘Mystery White Truck’ Has Big Surprise Waiting for Them

CNN has really fallen over the edge into tabloid journalism with their latest report on President Donald Trump. They’re stalking him in the bushes each day trying to take pictures of him golfing.

On Tuesday, they took this video through the bushes and announced with bated breath that they had been watching him and that he was golfing.

Today they were absolutely apoplectic when they couldn’t do it because a white box truck happened to pull up and spoil their shot.

Dan Merica joined ‘CNN Newsroom’ with Don Lemon and related how they had been stalking him for a few days trying to take pictures of him golfing.

From Daily Wire:

“Over the last few days, we’ve gotten video of the President golfing at his nearby golf club here in West Palm Beach,” Merica said. “There is a break in the hedges, really. The President doesn’t really and his staff doesn’t tell us when he is golfing. And we have taken to going outside the golf course and filming him as he golfs through the break in hedges near the club.”

Merica claimed without evidence that the truck was there deliberately to block their shot through a gap in the hedges at the golf course.

“Today, a big white box truck parked in front trying to obscure our shot of President Trump golfing,” Merica continued. “Now it may seem trivial, but it is important to give video as the President does these things on a daily basis. And goes to something that is larger, the President and the White House have tried to obscure the fact that President Trump golfs on a regular basis.”

The Secret Service belittled the news reports, saying they were not in the habit of trying to block the media from watching the president’s “golf swing.”

This is beyond a little creepy stalking and they’re actually pretty lucky that the Secret Service didn’t roust them or shoot them for being a danger to the president.

And one has to ask, did CNN do this when questions were asked about former President Barack Obama’s golfing? And the answer is no.

Suddenly it becomes appropriate course of action because it’s Trump?

People thought it was hilarious that CNN got blocked from doing their tabloid duty.

This is CNN.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]