These Parents Getting Surprised On Christmas Is Everything The Internet Needs Today

In a year teeming with drama coming out of Washington D.C. and Hollywood, viewers of mainstream media can sometimes get lost in a sea of negativity.

Luckily, the Christmas season often brings with it a wave of positive news stories before the year’s end.

This year included a number of children who surprised their parents with unexpected, but gleefully received gifts.

Check these out:

One U.S. Navy sailor surprised her mother by simply being home in time for Christmas.

She and her family devised a plan to reveal her homecoming by having the sailor’s mother unwrap a mirror.

After the wrapping paper was removed, the mother was able to see the reflection of the sailor standing behind her.

Quite the reveal and quite the surprise for the speechless mother.

Take a look, per Faithwire:

A video showing a U.S. Navy sailor surprise her mother on Christmas has been watched millions of times in just a matter of days.

The video begins with the mother sitting down on the couch, bowing her head and closing her eyes as one of her children holds up a long, skinny Christmas gift in front of her.

And, per Fox News:

At first, she looks at [the mirror] with little reaction.

Then, her smile turns into a scream of excitement as she notices her daughter — who returned from the Navy — standing behind her in the reflection.

Per her social media account, it seems the sailor was sworn-in sometime in August.

Here’s another:

After being drafted in June by the Arizona Diamondbacks, MLB rookie Pavin Smith surprised his parents on Christmas by paying off their mortgage.

He revealed the surprise by letting his parents read aloud a letter about how fortunate he was to grow up in a home filled with love – before saying he was making sure his parents would never have to worry about having to pay another mortgage on the home.

In the video Smith posted to his social media account, both of his parents were covered in emotion and were teary-eyed while reading the letter.

Check it out:


NBA rookie Lonzo Ball also surprised his parents with an estimated $350,000 luxury car:

Another surprise included 18-year-old daughter, Makayla Dabney, asking her father figure of fourteen years to officially adopt her.
In the video of the incident, the man, Stephen Dabney, was seated next to his new daughter who shared her interest in having him officially adopt her.

As a gift, she gave him the official adoption papers, per Fox 8:

You can’t put a price on love. This year, one Cuyahoga Falls woman gave her stepdad an unforgettable Christmas.

“It was very memorable and exciting because I had something so big planned and only a few family members knew about it,” Makayla Dabney, 18, said.

The college student wanted to find a way to honor the man who raised her since she was around 5 years old. After initially struggling to locate the perfect gift, Makayla realized she didn’t need one.

“I had a dream that I asked him to adopt me,” Dabney said. “My Christmas present to him was adoption papers.”

Check it out:

What an amazing Christmas for these parents and many others who were similarly surprised.