Everyone Is Talking About Where Melania And Karen Pence Ate Lunch Today And For Good Reason

Donald Trump has made it clear he’s a guy who enjoys fast food just like the rest of us. In fact, he seems to be a pretty big fan of McDonald’s. Sure, he’s worth billions but that doesn’t mean he isn’t down for the occasional Big Mac.

From CNBC:

President Donald Trump has an estimated net worth of more than $3 billion as well as access to world-class chefs at the White House. And still, his go-to dinner is a $22 meal from McDonald’s.

That’s according to forthcoming book “Let Trump Be Trump,” co-written by former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former campaign aide David Bossie. The book chronicles then-presidential candidate Trump’s journey leading up to the 2016 election.

“Trump’s appetite seems to know no bounds when it comes to McDonald’s,” the authors write in an excerpt of the book pre-published in The Washington Post. A typical dinner order consisted of “two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish and a chocolate malted [shake].”


Apparently, he’s not the only Trump who enjoys a good burger.

Check out what Melania and Karen Pence were up to today.

From Washington Examiner:

First lady Melania Trump and second lady Karen Pence picked up lunch at Whataburger, a regional fast food chain, during their trip to visit areas affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas on Wednesday and also treated their traveling press pool to a meal.

A senior aide to the first lady tweeted a picture of the pair at the counter of the Corpus Christie restaurant with the caption: “On our way out of town, @FLOTUS & @SecondLady decided to stop in to @Whataburger for some lunch! The American chain opened its 1st restaurant in Corpus Christi, TX in 1950!”


Pretty classy that they treated the press pool as well.

For some reason, I don’t get the feeling Hillary Clinton would pull the same thing had she won the election.

Heck, she hasn’t even driven a car since the 1990s. She’s not exactly in tune with your average American.

Melania and Mrs. Pence were down in Texas doing some really good things.

From USA Today:

First lady Melania Trump visited Texas Wednesday to bring attention to the coastal region that was first affected by mega-storm Hurricane Harvey. Second lady Karen Pence; Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s wife, Cecilia Abbott; and Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush accompanied her.

“We are here to lend our support to those who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey,” Trump said. “My husband’s administration has worked with Governor Abbott to ensure resources are made available to help your community recover from the storm.”

The day’s itinerary was filled with visits to several storm-ravaged communities and schools, but Trump’s first order of business was saying “thank you.”

Can’t argue with that.

Both Melania and Mrs. Pence have done an amazing job in their roles.

They are both as classy as it gets.

Very impressive that they would pick up the tab for the press despite how awful the press has been to their families at every turn.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]