Chelsea Handler Sends Heartfelt Message To CA Fire Victims — Just Kidding, She Blamed The Fire On Trump

Chelsea Handler isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Most rational people understand by now. She’s clearly not interested in making coherent policy arguments or adding to the conversation. She just wants to attack Trump’s family and complain until he’s gone.  Chelsea has gone off the rails many times and it’s a waste of energy to document them all.  My favorite has to be when she mocked Melania for being from another country.

From Fox News:

Chelsea Handler took a swipe at Melania Trump saying she wouldn’t interview the First Lady because “she can barely speak English.”

Handler told Variety she wouldn’t interview President Donald Trump for her Netflix show either even if he personally requested to be a guest.

“I don’t respect either one of those people,” she said.

Handler then launched into a speech about “divisiveness” not being “the answer” and the need to “reach across party lines.” An interesting appeal considering Handler’s comments about the President and First Lady.

In reality, Melania speaks 5 languages and has more class in one finger than Chelsea has in her whole body. So much for that whole liberals being friends to immigrants thing.

In case you weren’t aware, Southern California is being ravaged by several serious wildfires.  Chelsea Handler doesn’t think they are too serious apparently because she’s using them as a way to bash Trump.

Real classy and intelligent, Chelsea.  I’m sure the victims will all love that.

Here’s what been going on.

From NBC News:

The hills north of Los Angeles were burning Wednesday as one of a series of wildfires that have already devoured a large swath of Ventura County menaced the nation’s second-largest city.

With several multimillion-dollar mansions in the tony Bel-Air neighborhood already ablaze and flames threatening the Getty Center arts complex and its priceless collection, officials closed down part of Interstate 405 — a key north-south artery. All the while, firefighters rushed to contain the blaze.

“These are days that break your heart. But these are also days that show the resilience of our city,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, thanking firefighters from Los Angeles and other agencies and all city personnel.

Gov. Jerry Brown, who had earlier declared a state of emergency in Ventura, was monitoring the Los Angeles fire while hundreds of homeowners in Bel-Air and the nearby Sherman Oaks neighborhood joined the tens of thousands of other Southern California residents who have already fled the infernos that have scorched more than 83,000 acres and reduced scores of homes and businesses to ashesNBC Los Angeles reported.

Yeah. Totally connected to Trump.  Handler will argue that she was joking around and she probably (hopefully) was. The problem, of course, is that what she said wasn’t even remotely funny and for a comedian that’s not ideal.

People like Chelsea are the reason things are so divided these days.  The strange part is that she doesn’t have a clue and actually thinks she’s helping.

Pretty pathetic.

H/T The Daily Caller

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]