Roger Goodell Learns His Fate

Roger Goodell has been an absolute disaster as NFL commissioner. The Tom Brady fiasco. The Ray Rice debacle. The national anthem mess. No rational person can make the argument that Goodell has done a good job. Unfortunately, there aren’t many rational people over at the NFL these days and it looks like they just confirmed his contract extension.

From The Daily Caller:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has officially finalized a contract extension.

Pro Football Talk reported the following Wednesday afternoon:

The Commissioner finally has a new contract.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL’s Compensation Committee has informed all owners that a new contract for Commissioner Roger Goodell has been executed.


Here’s more.

From NBC Sports:

The memorandum to all owners explains that a “binding contract extension has been signed by the Commissioner and by Arthur Blank, on behalf of the League entities.” The memo also cites the existence of a “nearly unanimous consensus” among the owners in favor of finalizing the extension now.

We don’t know exactly how much Goodell is going to be making because the NFL isn’t obligated to disclose it but he is getting paid a ton.

From Sporting News:

Terms of the new five-year deal weren’t made public, but multiple reports say Goodell could make up to $200 million, the vast majority though being “tied to meeting financial targets and other incentives,” or even more.

Pretty ridiculous in what other business could you keep your job and make that kind of money when your decisions are making consumers consume less of your product?

From Yahoo Finance:

A new Yahoo Finance poll suggests the NFL has an enduring problem on its hands. Nearly 62% of 9,056 respondents told us they plan to watch less pro football in response to the anthem controversy. Thirty-six percent said they plan to buy less NFL merchandise, and 32% have chosen not to attend a game they would otherwise have gone to. Those findings all have financial implications for the NFL and its 32 team owners.

From Breitbart News:

Sports Media Watch has a great resource for the National Football League’s ratings since 2014 and a glance through the listings for this season through Week 13 offers a sea of red fields showing just how badly the league’s TV ratings have suffered this year.

Nearly every week the statistics show the NFL’s games have lost viewers over the same week last season with only occasional broadcasts ticking upward in either overall viewership or among viewers in the sought-after 18-49 age demographic.

Great job, Roger!

Goodell made it clear that he supports the players who are kneeling for the anthem which is really hard to wrap your mind around.  The NFL’s operations manual clearly states that players should be fined or suspended if they disrespect the flag. And yet, Goodell sat on his hands and did nothing because he was scared the players would get mad at him and he didn’t want to offend liberals.  On top of that, the NFL sent a bunch of money to Soros to apologize to the players.

Shameful display that has paid off handsomely for Goodell.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]