Cop Notices Black Teens ‘Fashion Statement’ — Then He Gets A Closer Look and Realizes the Truth

Sadly, the Obama years were not good for police officers in the United States. Yes, there were some national stories where police officers made decisions that angered communities. However, rather than talk about it rationally with the understanding that the vast majority of police officers are good people, the media and President Obama decided to criticize the police and side with far left groups.  The media sided with cop haters like Al Sharpton, Bill de Blasio, and Beyonce while also embracing phony narratives like ‘hands up, don’t shoot’. That had a disastrous effect on how people view police officers in this country.

It’s always nice to see stories that serve as a counter to Obama’s misleading narrative.

In Alabama, a police officer spotted a young man with tape on his shoes.

What happened next was pretty amazing.

Here’s what the cop did next. It speaks volumes.

From America Now:

“I looked at him and said: ‘What’s up with duct tape? Is that something all the kids are doing? A fashion statement?'” Goldman told ”

The 19-year-old employee admitted to Goldman that he ripped his shoes at work and was planning on buying new ones when he got paid. Goldman proceeded to ask him what his size was and then went on his way.

The officer delivered the food to the inmates and then visited the Shoe Dept. in Hueytown, where he bought the young man a new pair of shoes. He returned to the store and delivered the shoes to the employee.

Here’s more.


He asked for the worker, and then handed him the shoes. “I said, ‘Man, here you go. I didn’t know payday was Friday or two weeks from now,”’ Goldman told him. “He said, ‘What do I owe you?’ and I told him to just pay it forward.”

Goldman, who has been on the Hueytown force for almost 18 years and served seven at Fairfield prior to that, said the teen’s dilemma struck a chord. “My granddaddy used to always say, ‘You know where you’ve been, but you don’t know where you’re going,”’ he said. “That stuck with me.”

He said he wasn’t looking for accolades for his good deed, and it would have likely gone unnoticed if Angela Roach Scory hadn’t snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook. “I hope people take from it that the police aren’t really bad,” Goldman said. “We’ve been getting such a bad rap in the news. We’re human beings with families and kids and loved ones.”

We don’t see stories like this enough.  That’s really a shame.

Props to this police officer for such a kind gesture.

This happens on a daily basis in this country, folks. Just because you don’t see it on the news every time doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The brave men and women of law enforcement do an incredibly difficult and dangerous job and the vast majority of them do it well.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]