Out of Control: Traditional Annual Christmas Event Is Forced to Cancel Due to Migrants

Radical Islamic terror attacks continue to take place all over the globe.

Yet, many world leaders believe ushering in more Islamic migrants is the answer.

The main problem is that many migrants have no plan to assimilate into their new culture.

They want their beliefs and values honored above those of natural-born citizens.

Now, a traditional Christmas event in Lyon, France has been canceled to avoid a potential terror attack.

This is appeasement 101 – running scared!

From Conservative Tribune:

Western Europe has experienced an unprecedented wave of migration from the Middle East over the past few years — a wave that has forced the Continent to radically change various aspects of everyday life.

This year, the city of Lyon in France is canceling an annual Christmas market due to the high cost of protecting it from a potential terror attack, PJ Media reported.

Terrorism has become a serious problem for Europe, and it was estimated that it would cost up to 20,000 euros — about $23,000 — to protect this event.


“This year, the cost of security would have reached nearly 20,000€. To at least balance our budget, we should have increased either the number of stands or the rental price of the sites (2 to 3,000€ per week),” a project manager with the Lyon Côté Croix-Rousse merchant’s association told the French newspaper Le Progrès.

A Google translation of the article can be found here.

More from PJ Media:

“For a year, requests to secure our events have increased,” Maïlys, a project manager at the Lyon Côté Croix-Rousse merchants’ association, told Le Progrès. The cost of security would have reached nearly € 20,000.

“The decision to delete the 2017 edition was complicated and difficult to take, but no solution could be found, despite our discussions with the town hall,” the project manager added. “Nevertheless, we are already thinking about a new version for Christmas 2018.”


Christians should not have to surrender their traditions in order to make way for the newbies who may not view things the same way.

Giving in is not the answer. Refusing to be afraid is!

More on terror in Lyon, per Metro, circa 2016:

Flag of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a Salafi jihadi extremist militant group and self-proclaimed caliphate and Islamic state which is led by Sunni Arabs from Iraq and Syria. Dated 2015. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

Five people have been arrested over alleged plans to attack several nightspots in France.

The men are said to have been plotting the terror attacks outside the French city of Lyon before leaving for Syria.

A French official said four men and a woman had been held, adding that they had already bought bus tickets to join Muslim extremists in Syria via Bulgaria and Turkey.

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]