First Obama Slams Trump In India — Hours Later He Tells World Leaders That Muslims Need to Be ‘Cherished and Nurtured’

Now that he’s no longer plotting to dismantle America from the Oval Office, Barack Obama has more time to bad-mouth President Trump and the country in general while overseas.

In Paris, Obama claimed the U.S. is suffering from a ‘temporary absence of American leadership’ when it comes to climate change.

Because, as a progressive, 44 is required to use the term ‘climate change’ at least once a day.

In India, Obama said Muslims need to be ‘cherished and nurtured.’


From Economic Times:

NEW DELHI: India needs to “cherish and nurture” its Muslim population, which is integrated and considers itself Indian, former US president Barack Obama has said. It is an idea that needs to be reinforced, he emphasised at an event of a media organisation in New Delhi on Friday.

Obama touched on a host of topics, including his relationship with Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh during his address and the question-answer session. Obama said he emphasised the need for religious tolerance and the right to practice one’s own faith during closed door talks with PM Modi during his last trip to India in 2015.


Responding to questions, Obama said his comments then were general in nature and he had repeated it in the US as well as in Europe. “There’s a counter narrative taking place, at all times, but it’s particularly pronounced now…

You are seeing it in Europe, you are seeing it in the United States and sometimes you see it in India where those old tribal impulses reassert themselves under leaders who try to push back those impulses and under leaders who try to exploit them,” Obama said ..

Obama wants more women elected to Congress, per Huffington Post:

The former U.S. president was in Paris over the weekend, speaking to a group of media leaders, financiers and academics known as Les Napoleons. During the speech, he announced that it was time to put more women in power “because men seem to be having some problems these days,” AFP reported.

Although Obama didn’t name names, he was clearly referring to the growing number of men in media, politics and entertainment who’ve recently been accused of sexual misconduct, including harassment and assault.

All men are to blame for the actions of a few. Therefore, women should take over more roles in Congress.

That’s how the liberal mind works.

More on ‘climate change,’ from Daily Caller:

Former President Barack Obama said he couldn’t have a debate with someone who thinks man-made global warming is a hoax while speaking at a summit in India on Friday.

Obama is in India as part of a three-country tour to promote the Obama Foundation. It’s the first speech Obama has made in India since leaving office earlier this year.

“I can sit down with someone and have an argument about about climate change, and in fact when we were working on the Paris Accords … there were some folks within the Indian government who would say to me ‘look we’re a poor country our priority has to be getting power and electricity to poor people and so we should not have to do X Y Z’, and I said ‘well I understand that,’” Obama said at a summit in New Delhi.

Obama added that “it’s hard to have a conversation if somebody says ‘well climate change is a hoax.’”

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]