Leaked Statement from Roy Moore to His Staff Reveals If He’s Dropping Out of Race

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore is defiant in the face of establishment Republicans in Washington who are calling for him to quit the race. Moore reportedly told staffers today that he is staying in the race to the bitter end.

Moore has been besieged by accusations that he sexually harassed several women back 40 years ago when he was in his earl thirties and just beginning his public life. But despite the media frenzy over the stories, Moore says he will ignore those calling for him to step aside.

According to ABC News, Moore met with staffers on Wednesday to tell them to keep working.

“Roy Moore has informed his campaign staff he intends to see his race through, despite mounting allegations of sexual misconduct and the growing number of Republicans telling him to step aside,” ABC reported via Twitter.

Indeed, there seems to be little the Alabama Republican Party can do about the whole situation. State election law prevents any change of an election ballot less than 70 days before an election, according to Daily Caller News Foundation.

Moore continues to suffer accusations that he sexually harassed women decades ago. This week a woman named Beverly Young Nelson, who claims she knew Moore in the late 1970s, came forward to allege that the candidate tried to molest her behind a local restaurant.

Nelson was paraded before the cameras on Monday by celebrity lawyer and bandwagon jumper Gloria Allred. In the press conference, this “victim” gave a teary-eyed performance while recounting the attack she claims Moore perpetrated against her behind that restaurant many years ago.

Many considered Nelson’s testimony as credible, but at least one body language expert denigrated the performance, called Nelson’s testimony overly rehearsed, and said she was just “acting” during her press conference.

That same body language expert insisted that a video of Moore denying Nelson’s accusations was believable and “100 percent genuine.”

At least one other person close to Nelson has said that he doesn’t believe the woman’s claims.

Nelson’s own step-son, Darrel Nelson, made a video he posted to social media to say that he thinks his step-mom is lying about the incident she claims happened back in the late 1970s.

“You, Mr. Moore, your wife, I apologize for whatever reasons she is doing this i am truly sorry… I stand behind you 100%!” Darrel Nelson said in his video.

Despite the doubts, that hasn’t stopped a growing list of establishment Republicans in Washington D.C. from calling for Roy Moore to step down and quit his run for U.S. Senate.

Those in the GOP establishment lining up against Moore include Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI). Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), who leads the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm, also came out against Moore and said that the Alabama candidate will get no financial support from the fund he manages.

Despite the opinions of those swamp dwellers in Washington, though, it seems that Moore has not lost very many supporters back home in Alabama. A new poll finds that despite the accusations, he has fallen only three points in the polls. He now stands at 49 to 43 percent in the polls, down three since last month when he was at 52 percent support.