3 People Who Tore Down Confederate Statue Receive Great News — Conservatives Are Furious

In the wake of violence in Charlottesville and the murder of a woman by a white nationalist, a group of criminal ‘protesters’ pulled down a Confederate statue outside the old courthouse in Durham, North Carolina in August.

Several protesters approached the monument, climbed it and attached a yellow nylon rope around it. The protesters then pulled until it crashed to the ground. Then they proceeded to kick it and dance around it in celebration.

A total of 13 people were charged in the crazed mob incident, 12 with pulling down the statue and one charged for wearing a mask.

But despite the obvious crimes and the fact that much of it was captured in pictures and on video, it was just announced that three of the people charged would have their charges dismissed.

Zan Caldwell, Taylor Cook, and Myles Spignor had been charged with two felonies and three misdemeanor charges each.

Supporters of the defendants and the action to take down the statue celebrated the dismissal.

From ABC11:

“While this is a small step forward in this particular iteration of the fight against white supremacy, we must remember that we cannot trust the system to change that which it upholds,” supporters said in a news release. “This was merely representative of a lack of evidence, not an acquiescence of power and certainly not an admission of guilt. We must continue to fight until the remaining 12 walk free until no Confederate statues remain until all institutions of white supremacy have been abolished. We say ‘Topple Racism – from Durham to the White House!'”

The effort to do away with history is a crazy Stalinist-type purge and perhaps that makes sense as it is frequently engaged in by those on the far-left, like the people in this case.

Unbelievable that despite what would appear to be ample evidence that the prosecution would dismiss the charges. The ‘protesters’ have been holding rallies trying to pressure the prosecutor and the city to dismiss all the charges against everyone and perhaps it has had an effect.

Although there have been the three dismissals, the others are still pending and the prosecutor says not to make too much of the dismissals.

From WRAL:

District Attorney Roger Echols told WRAL News that the three dismissals should not be construed as an indication that others will follow.

“Cases continue to be reviewed until they are disposed. No one should take our dismissals of those three as an indication of what will or won’t happen in the others,” he said.

The trial for the others is scheduled for next week.

People were not happy with the dismissals.

It’s disgraceful that any were dismissed. But let’s hope that at least some of the charges stick, especially for the leader behind the action, Taqiyah Thompson, who is not sorry in the least for allegedly breaking the law.

From Jezebel:

“I did the right thing. Everyone who was there—the people did the right thing. The people will continue to keep making the right choices until every Confederate statue is gone, until white supremacy is gone. That statue is where it belongs. It needs to be in the garbage.”

Otherwise, if they are not found guilty after being caught on video, this would simply be giving license to continue the lawlessness and encourage those who want to continue.