The Local Elections That Everyone Should Be Paying Attention To, but Nobody Is

People pay a lot of attention to the Presidential elections. And in off years, they pay a lot of attention to governors races and Congressional races. And of course, that’s to be expected because they are very important.

But there are other local races that run quietly under the wire that don’t get a lot of national attention. But when you hear this story, you may understand why some of them should get more attention.

Far-left progressive lawyer Larry Krasner has made a career, he jokes, of doing things that make him ‘completely unelectable.’ Yet, he managed to make it out of a crowded field of Democrats in the primary to then defeat Republican candidate Beth Grossman on Tuesday for Philadelphia District Attorney.

Krasner has represented Occupy Philadelphia and Black Lives Matter and has sued the police department more than 75 times.

But he had a major fundraising advantage that other more centrist Democrats didn’t have.

That was $1.7 million in backing from George Soros.

Soros has been quietly flooding cash into local district attorney races across the country and has already racked up several victories including Krasner.

From Free Beacon:

The Soros operation is the same in nearly every city: The financier will establish political action committees, pour money into local races, then turn around and shut them down once the election is over.

On April 28, Soros initially cut a $1,450,000 check to the Philadelphia Justice and Public Safety PAC, a super PAC that was established with the sole intent of backing Krasner. The PAC lists its address as the Perkins Coie law office, a Washington, D.C.-based powerhouse law firm that represents a number of Democratic politicians, committees, and interests. Whitney Tymas, who has been involved with a number of Soros PACs, is the operator of the Philadelphia Justice & Public Safety PAC.

Soros gave $214,000 more to the PAC on May 23, bringing the total amount in support of Krasner to $1.7 million, an unusual high for the average district attorney race. This was the first time a PAC had supported a candidate for district attorney in the city.

Why is Soros trying to own the DA positions?

Because DAs and prosecutors make the decision as to who to prosecute and who to let go. In owning the position, you have an outsized influence on the criminal justice system.

DAs “have so much power to stay their hand or use an iron fist” on those involved in the criminal justice system, Krasner said, so electing progressives to the position makes “a tremendous difference.”

It also creates more power to influence policy on such things as criminal justice reform, as Krasner says, to do such things as push to end ‘mass incarceration,’ a common Black Lives Matter theme.

From Business Insider:

“The only way [reform is] going to happen is if it’s forced down some of [lawmakers’] throats,” he said. “And it’s going to be forced down some of their throats because the cities can turn out a vote and then, after some period of time, these policies will start to look sensible.”

In the words of Beth Grossman, Krasner’s opponent, “It’s really disturbing—we have one of the finest public defenders offices in the country, we don’t need two.” She said she didn’t want Philadelphia to turn into Baltimore or Chicago.

But Soros is working to do exactly that and if he owns major city DAs, real criminal justice is going to be in deep trouble.

Soros has previously pushed millions into district attorney races in Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico.

And he’s working on more.