NFL Invites Navy Vet to Game to Receive Award — They Never Expected His Blunt Response

Who in their right mind would give their hard earned money to the NFL at this point?  By not acting, the NFL sent a clear message that they don’t care about respecting the flag and the people that died for it. Plain and simple. They don’t care.

Recently, the NFL invited a retired U.S. Navy officer to come to a New Orleans Saints game to be presented with a medal thanking him for his service.

His response?

Nah. I’m good.

From WDSU News:

A retired U.S. Navy officer announced Wednesday that he declined an award that would be given to him in his honor at Sunday’s New Orleans Saints game because of the recent controversy surrounding the national anthem.

“I am unable, in good conscience, to enter an NFL stadium while this discourtesy prevails,” Wells wrote to executives of Peoples Health and the Saints.

Wells called the award “tainted with dishonorable actions” by the NFL and its players. He said accepting the award would be hypocritical.

Can you blame him?

It would be wrong for him to show up.

The NFL needs to get its act together. Quickly.

This is getting out of hand.

From Yahoo Finance:

A new Yahoo Finance poll suggests the NFL has an enduring problem on its hands. Nearly 62% of 9,056 respondents told us they plan to watch less pro football in response to the anthem controversy. Thirty-six percent said they plan to buy less NFL merchandise, and 32% have chosen not to attend a game they would otherwise have gone to. Those findings all have financial implications for the NFL and its 32 team owners.