Listen: Hot Mic Catches Mystery Voice Telling Las Vegas Sheriff Not to Say Too Much

The Las Vegas shooting has taken a lot of crazy twists and turns. By now, in a shooting case, a lot of the information would be filled in, the shooter’s motivation, the background, the details and videos of the shooting.

But with this shooting, there are more questions than there are answers and none of that has really been filled in yet.

The police and the hotel are still struggling just to get the timeline of events as to what happened straight. The police have already changed significant elements in the timeline three times and the hotel has disputed their revised timeline.

Some people are even raising questions about the possibility of other shooters. The police have discounted the question of additional shooters.

But now there’s more weirdness, courtesy of this video of Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, who has been the face of the police, informing us about the case.

The sheriff is asked a fairly straightforward question about whether or not a car had been staged for the shooter to escape. If you listen closely, you can here someone off to the left, off-camera, whisper, “Don’t go there.”

You can see the man behind the sheriff, turn and look in that direction as he hears the admonition.

The sheriff’s demeanor changes rapidly and he puts off the reporter. He doesn’t really answer the question which seems like a perfectly reasonable question.

Police had already admitted that Stephen Paddock, the shooter, had planned on trying to escape after the shooting.

So what would be wrong with commenting on the question?

Now it’s possible that there’s more in that question but after all the other oddities of the case, needless to say, it just adds a further component of weirdness.

H/T Conservative Tribune