John Kelly Shows Up At White House Press Briefing And Denies He’s Leaving, Tells Media To Get Better Sources

Gen. John Kelly really seems like the real deal.  If he wasn’t then odds are Trump wouldn’t have moved him from DHS over to Chief of Staff.  Like most generals, Kelly is a pro. Sure, there are some concerns about Trump being isolated from other influences by Kelly but that doesn’t change the fact that Trump appears to be happy with the job Kelly has done.

John Kelly showed up to the White House press briefing today and delivered a pretty awesome message to all the media pundits who have been literally making stories up out of thin air about the Trump administration and who is coming and going.Check out this intro.

Check out this introduction…

Kelly walked up to the mic like a boss and immediately poured cold water on the fake news rumors that his time in the White House is coming to an end.  It’s not.

It got better. Kelly was on fire with reporters.

Check out this exchange.

Agreed. It would be nice if the media could develop some better sources.

At the very least, this solid press conference should put this whole fake media narrative about Gen. Kelly to rest. He isn’t going anywhere and he seems to be doing a good job.

Here’s the full press conference. It was pretty interesting.

That’s a pretty solid way to dismiss a nasty rumor.

Here’s some more background on Kelly for those who don’t know.

From PBS:

1.    Kelly is a retired four-star Marine general. Until earlier this year, he headed(link is external) the United States Southern Command which had him in charge of military operations in 32 countries in the Caribbean, Central America and South America. This position is notably less combat-focused(link is external) than other commands, and as a result Kelly gained experience in humanitarian and disaster relief, as well as programs to train local militaries.

2.    Before serving as head of the Southern Command, Kelly played an active role in Iraq(link is external). He led troops in intense combat numerous times, and became the first Marine colonel since 1951 to be promoted to brigadier general while in active combat in 2003.

3.    Kelly’s son, Marine Lt. Robert Michael Kelly, was killed(link is external) stepping on a mine while fighting in Afghanistan, causing Kelly to become the highest-ranking military officer to lose a child in Iraq or Afghanistan. Kelly’s loss played a role in Trump selecting him as the Director of Homeland Security, as the President-elect reportedly(link is external) wanted someone who could understand the personal costs of sending Americans to war.

A class act through and through.