Harvey Weinstein Finally Speaks, “We All Make Mistakes”

This has been Harvey Weinstein’s terrible awful bad week. The power broker producer started the week with the New Yorker article alleging that he had harassed a number of women. It got worse throughout the week, the number of women concerned ballooned and the serious nature of the alleged assaults increased.

His company said he was fired and then tried to remove his name from the company.

His wife announced she was heartbroken for the women allegedly abused and said she was leaving Weinstein.

At least three women alleged they had been raped.

It was the rape allegations that finally forced Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to finally make statements after being silent for days on one of their best mega-donors. Weinstein visited the Obama White House 13 times during the Obama administration. He gave thousands to Hillary and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Weinstein was alleged to be flying out to Europe to a sex rehab clinic Tuesday night. But reports are now that he changed his mind and headed instead to another clinic in Arizona yesterday. Media trying to stake him out finally caught up to him trying to board a plane to Arizona.

From Daily Wire:

The interaction didn’t start well: Weinstein gave the pack of photographers both middle fingers. But then he talked.

“Guys, I’m not doing OK but I’m trying. I gotta get help. I’m hanging in, I’m trying my best,” said Weinstein, who looked disheveled in a black T-shirt and loose jeans, his chubby face unshaven.

“You know, we all make mistakes…. Second chance, I hope.” And he told the throng of paparazzi, “And you know I’ve always been loyal to you guys, not like those f*cking pr*cks who treat you like sh*t. I’ve been the good guy.”

And then he was off.

“We all make mistakes?” No that’s not going to fly.

A mistake is when you mismatch your socks.

Forcing a woman to give your oral sex is not a mistake, it’s a sexual assault and it’s a felony. And no, sorry, most people don’t commit rape, assault or harassment.

The rehab he flew off to is believed to be The Meadows, a pricey Arizona place, popular with celebrities, including Tiger Woods. Not cheap – it costs $40,000 a month.

Both the FBI and the NYPD are now both investigating. Because there are multiple alleged crimes across state lines and internationally, it makes it appropriate for the FBI to be involved. There are reported cases in France and in London. Also the FBI was apparently concerned Weinstein would do a ‘Polanski.’ But if he were to flee, they can be prepared with extradition request. He’d have to flee to a place that wouldn’t give him up.

At least one case is still criminally viable. There’s one involving a sexual assault in New York from 2004 on a student who was an aspiring actress. Weinstein reportedly forced her to perform oral sex on him. Because there is no statute of limitations for the crime in New York, there’s no time limit and it can still be prosecuted.