Report: Hillary And Bill Aren’t Speaking; Bill Threw Hillary’s New Book In The Trash

What can we really say about the marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton? In some ways, it was a success. They went from political obscurity to one of the most well known political families in history. And, at the same time, their marriage was a complete sham plagued by years and years of infidelity and lies from Bill.  Not that Hillary Clinton didn’t add her fair share of lies to the equation.  It’s pretty well known that Bill and Hillary aren’t exactly in the honeymoon phase of their relationship anymore. In fact, you can pretty much tell they hate each other.  If you aren’t convinced, check out this fascinating report that just came out about just how much they don’t like each other.

From The Daily Mail:

Bill and Hillary Clinton are not speaking to each other after a blazing argument over her election book, it has been claimed.

The former President threw a manuscript in the trash after Hillary ignored his advice not to publish it, according to author Ed Klein.

Bill had red-penned the book in an attempt to improve it, a friend allegedly told Klein, but flew into a rage when Hillary refused to read any of his notes.

According to Page Six, the friend said: ‘He told her the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused, and that those were poor qualities in a person who aspired to be a world leader.

Funniest and most entertaining thing you’ve ever read?

Say what you want about Bill but the guy is a politician.  The guy wins. He walks into a room and everyone wants to talk to him or be around him.  Hillary? Is the exact opposite.  She’s literally political kryptonite.  Bill clearly knows that.  You know this report is true simply because it makes perfect sense.  You always got the feeling that Bill was annoyed at Hillary for being such a bad politician.

Bill did his part. He picked himself up from modest beginnings in Little Rock and became one of the most beloved and charismatic presidents in modern history. Obviously, he is a monster in his personal life. The lowest of the low. But, if we are talking about strictly politics it doesn’t get much more successful than him. Hillary? Yikes. She accomplished nothing and was mired in scandal basically her entire time as First Lady.  Then, she essentially bought a Senate seat in the shockingly liberal state of New York.  Then, she ran for president twice and blew it both times. The second time was the worst run presidential campaign in the last few decades if not ever.  You see why Bill is a little annoyed that she’s writing this book without taking any of the blame.

How great is it that he didn’t like the title of her book.  It’s the worst title that she could have possibly thought of. Who is advising Hillary? The fact that Hillary refused Bill’s edits is classic Hillary. That makes perfect sense. A normal person who has a decent sense of self-awareness would welcome the advice from someone so popular like Bill. Nope, Hillary thinks she knows everything.  We all saw how much she actually knows in 2016.

It seems unlikely they would get a divorce. Hillary proved when Bill was caught cheating a million times that she doesn’t care about anything except politics.  The only kicker is that she’s likely not going to run again. If that’s the case then maybe she does dump Bill and turn it into some “look what a strong woman I am” thing.  Although, no one is going to really buy that at this point.

It seems most likely that Bill and Hillary will just continue to live separate lives and speak to each other through lawyers. Quite romantic.

Imagine sitting at the dinner table with the two of them.

Awkward much?

Just for fun, here’s the speech Bill gave at the Democratic National Convention in 2016.  It’s the one where he went on and on about how great Hillary is and how he’s so in love with her.  Maybe the most nauseating speech in the history of the internet.

If you watched that whole thing without getting sick then you deserve a medal.