Texas Democrat Party Rushes to Politicize Shooting of Cop, Gets All the Facts Wrong

On Monday a Texas Tech University police officer was shot and killed by a 19-year-old student who was allegedly involved in a drug-related incident on campus. But the full facts of the case weren’t even known before the Texas Democrat Party tried to politicize the shooting in an attempt to make the story into just another bald attempt to eliminate the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The shooting occurred late on Monday, and local police immediately launched a dragnet to find the shooter. He was found not long after, according to Fox News.

The suspect, identified as Hollis Daniels, had been brought to the police station after a welfare check when he suddenly shot and killed the officer earlier in the evening before bolting from the scene, officials said.

Police reported finding “evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia” in Daniels’s room, Fox 34 reported.

The arrest warrant also identifies the murdered officer as Floyd East, Jr. He had arrested Daniels for possession of a controlled substance and was filling out booking paperwork for Daniels’ arrest when he was killed. Another Tech police officer, Corporal Tyler Snelson, told LPD investigators that he saw Officer East facing computers doing the paperwork while the suspect was facing the opposite direction. Corporal Snelson noted the suspect was not wearing handcuffs.

When Corporal Snelson heard a bang from another room, he went and found Officer East with a gunshot wound. Daniels was gone. A .45 caliber shell casing was located near Officer East and his body camera was missing. Officer East’s pistol was in its holster.

The warrant states Daniels was located near the Coliseum, where he was taken into custody. Police found a .45 caliber pistol and ammunition there. Officers also found the missing body camera nearby. According to the arrest warrant, Daniels told officers he was the one who shot their friend and he told detectives that he “f—ed up” and did “something illogical.” Daniels’ bond is set at $5 million.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement asking for prayers for the family of the murdered officer.

So, let’s review. A 19-year-old student involved in a possible drug offense murdered a police officer on the campus of Texas Tech University.

So, as all this was happening, here’s a screenshot of what the Texas Democrat Party tweeted and then deleted.

Several Twitter users quickly pointed out the truth of the matter…

But the Tweet didn’t sit well with better informed Texans, either, Twitchy.com noted.

Indeed, a host of Twitter users noted that the Democrat Party’s tweet was little else but an ill-informed line of nonsense.

It turns out the Party’s “concealed carry” point was off topic because the accused shooter wasn’t legally obeying the concealed carry laws in the first place.

Criminals breaking laws. Imagine that!