Piers Morgan Asks Anthem Protest Critics If Kneeling At Church Is Disrespectful To God

Piers Morgan is well known to be a world-class buffoon when it comes to Second Amendment rights of American citizens. His tweets and flawed arguments are legendary.

Morgan is one of those people from a foreign country who thinks we care what he has to say about our Constitution. What’s worse is that he’s embraced by the American left because they want to see the U.S. become more like Europe.

Regarding the NFL kneeling controversy, Piers just sent the most utterly ridiculous tweet you’ll ever see…

Does it get any more stupid than that? Honestly?

MSNBC’s resident know-nothing Joy-Ann Reid sent a similar tweet weeks earlier…

Stupid is as stupid does!



Piers wrote a piece on the kneeling fiasco a couple of weeks ago, per Daily Mail:

My gut reaction at the time to the images of Kaepernick slouching on his seat as the anthem played was not dissimilar to Donald Trump’s.

I thought it was massively disrespectful to those who have fought in the US military for the freedoms the flag and anthem symbolise, and I said so in a strident column which ended with this entreaty to the quarter-back: ‘Get off your backside, stand to attention, put your hand on your heart and thank God you spend your life chasing footballs not dodging bullets. Then we’ll believe you when you say you’re not anti-American, and we may listen harder to the message you want to convey.’

Trump’s job, as President, is to unite a racially divided country, not recklessly pour petrol on the flames of that division.

To call the kneelers sons of bitches was a disgraceful thing for the President of the United States to say about anyone, let alone some of the country’s greatest sportsmen. By using such an ugly taunt, Trump let himself down, he let down the office of the presidency, and he let down the country.

It’s never too late to change your mind about an issue as important as this, Mr President.

I changed my mind about Colin Kaepernick when he changed his mode of protest. He changed his mind about how to protest after a direct appeal from a Green Beret military hero. Nate Bower changed HIS mind about the point of protest when he spoke to Kaepernick.

Piers shows his ignorance on a daily basis. He knows very little about American politics.

H/T: Twitchy