Actress Alyssa Milano Not Pleased After Trump Admin Rolls Back Obama Climate Reg’s

Earlier today, EPA Chief Scott Pruitt announced he would be rolling back Barack Obama’s ‘clean-power plan.’

From Associated Press:

The Trump administration will abandon the Obama-era clean power plan aimed at reducing global warming, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said Monday.

The clean power plan aimed to restrict greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants. It was a centerpiece of the Obama administration’s environmental policies.

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to declare the Obama-era rule exceeded federal law by setting emissions standards that power plants could not reasonably meet.

Great news, right? Not to actress and political scholar (LOL) Alyssa Milano.

To Milano, the world will now end very shortly. Reactions…

More from CNN:

The proposal also says the EPA has yet to determine whether it will create an additional rule on the regulation of greenhouse gases.

Bloomberg News first reported on the repeal proposal.

The Clean Power Plan requires states to meet specific carbon emission reduction standards based on their individual energy consumption. The plan also includes an incentive program for states to get a head start on meeting standards on early deployment of renewable energy and low-income energy efficiency.

Under President Barack Obama, the EPA estimated the Clean Power Plan could prevent 2,700 to 6,600 premature deaths and 140,000 to 150,000 asthma attacks in children.

When asked earlier this year on Fox News about the health consequences of doing away with the Clean Power Plan, Pruitt ducked the question and focused on how the plan would cost jobs. He argued the plan was bureaucratic overreach.

“As much as we want to see progress made with clean air and clean water, with an understanding that we can also grow jobs, we have to do so within the framework of what Congress has passed,” Pruitt said.

More per Business Insider:

The Natural Resources Defense Council threatened to sue the EPA if Pruitt rescinds the plan. Democratic lawmakers decried the move.

Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware said he was “deeply disappointed” with Pruitt’s decision. “The @EPA has a clear obligation to address carbon emissions & the Clean Power Plan was helping to achieve that goal,” he tweeted, adding, “this decision undermines our commitment to fight climate change & embrace a clean energy future.”

Former vice presidential candidate and Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia tweeted, “This would erode US leadership in tackling climate change & set us back years in hastening clean energy & job creation. Woefully misguided.”

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