VIDEO: Football Fans Belt Out ‘New Fight Song’ Honoring Tom Petty, It’s a Giant Middle Finger to NFL

According to Biz Pac Review, the Florida Gators may have just accidentally created a new fight song for American patriots who love football and won’t back down to the anti-American NFL antics of a bunch of kneelers.

Shortly before the fourth quarter of the Gators’ game, the crowd of approximately 90,000 sang “Won’t Back Down” in unison as a tribute to rock icon Tom Petty, a Gainesville, Florida native, who died this week at age 66.

Fans had the opportunity to enjoy the spirit of the game instead of the bitterness of anti-American politics.

You know, what football is supposed to be about?

How terrific is that?

What a great tribute to Tom Petty!

And isn’t that a song with a great message to the NFL?

No, the NFL is not “too big to fail and the fans won’t back down.’

And the NFL is feeling it now. In their wallet.

It can fail and it just might, if they are willing to keep committing NFL suicide.

Their viewer ratings have been dropping.

And their favorability ratings have taken a huge hit, dropping 31% amongst their core base of men ages 34-54. But they’ve dropped across all categories of people, not just men.

But if the core base is slipping so badly, the owners have to know they are in difficulty.

The NFL is now viewed less favorably than baseball. Indeed, they are one of the least favored sports now.

One fan laid it out there, saying “America! Now that is the American Spirit” and “Who needs the NFL?”

You may see a migration to college football as this fan suggests. Controlled by colleges and much less likely to run off the rails because of fickle millionaire players, it’s a safer bet for a game that is just about entertainment and skill, not about political drama and angst.

Jason Aldean also performed the song as a tribute to Petty.

Aldean was the singer on stage when the shooting started in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival concert last Sunday.

He played the song last night for Petty in an unannounced surprise to open Saturday Night Live.